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Pergola Roof, Pergola Covers, Retractable Roof Pergola

Pergola Roof

The Pergola Roof product is a Retractable Pergola that can be motorized or manual, depending on your needs. This type of covering is very suitable for shade and for rain. L.I.TRA. is manufacturing Metal Pergola which is made in aluminum structure (powder coated aluminum) that never rusts (also called Aluminum Pergola) and it’s very easy to maintain (just lubrication once in a while).


We diversified our range of covering products to meet the complex desire of the people in need to cover their outdoor spaces. The Pergola Designs have different shapes and dimensions to fit a specific space or they are partially or totally enclose according to the weather conditions, our products redesign the place where they are install with an esthetic sense of modern style.


It is possible to have a totally enclosed area by using Side Panel Enclosures which are totally removable. The panels are made in aluminum and they can include sliding doors.

The covering can be totally enclosed also by using Vertical Retractable Awnings.

The Pergola Roof is fully retractable (or simply called Retractable Pergola) and his cover is made of High Rated PVC Fabric. This way a Pergola will allow you to open and close the roof as you need. This is perfect when your customer wants a little bit of sun or fresh air.

Our Pergola Design is perfect for any type of terrace, like the one of an hotel, restaurant or bar. This way you enlarge the space for your tables and you also protect you customers against wind and rain. The Pergola Plans can be also modified according to your needs as our covering systems are 100% custom made, based on the request of our customers.


The Pergola Canopy is perfect to be attached on the wall of your business. The typical Pergolas are using an independent structure. A Pergola with Canopy is using a side on the wall for attaching it. This is very useful in case you have a terrace right beside your main business place. This Pergola Designs can be also modified to your needs because they are also made on custom size.

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Gallery of Pergola Roof

Pergola Roof
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